2013 – 2014: Creativity

For our third series of Royal Institute of Philosophy lectures at St Mary’s University, we invited our speakers to reflect on the topic of Creativity. You can view the series poster here.

Prof John Barnden (University of Birmingham) The Understanding of Metaphor and Creativity [23 October]IMG_0885

Prof Michaela Kendall (University of Southampton) Scientific Creativity and The Rise of the Entreprenerds [20 November]IMG_0914

Prof Derek Matravers (The Open University) Can There Be an Account of Creativity? [15 January]IMG_1025

Dr Christine Battersby (University of Warwick) Cultures of Creativity: Shifting the Frame [19 February]IMG_1043

Prof Len Platt (Goldsmiths) ‘For his Diligence Majesty our long distance laird that likes creation’: the Finnegans Wake creative [5 March]IMG_1057

Dr Barbara Underwood (Barnes Philosophy Club) Creativity and Invisibility: Gender and Music [26 March]IMG_1074


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