2014 – 2015: Error

Error was the topic for our fourth series of Royal Institute of Philosophy lectures at St Mary’s University. View the series poster here.

Dr Yasemin J. Erden (St Mary’s University) Errors and mistakes: so wot? [23 October]IMG_1345

Prof Paul Standish (Institute of Education) Sentenced By Our Words [27 November]IMG_1378

Dr Roxana Baiasu Failures of Understanding (Oxford University; Birmingham University) [4 December]

Prof Christopher Norris (Cardiff University) The Augumentative Muse: recent philosophical poems by Christopher Norris [22 January]IMG_1452

Dr Ardo van den Hout (University College London) Statistical predictions are always true (and that’s why they are not about me) [26 February]IMG_1475

Prof Helen Beebee (University of Manchester) Are we accountable for our unconscious biases? [5 March]IMG_1484_2

Prof Michael Brady (University of Glasgow) Emotional Errors [23 April]IMG_1588

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