2015 – 2016: Desire: Thinking, Feeling, Acting

Desire is a key concept in a number of areas of philosophy. Debates abound regarding the relationship between desires and evaluative judgements, the motivational role of desires, the role of desire in the mind and in human nature, the relationship between desires and similar entities like emotions, sentiments, perceptions (and quasi-perceptions), desire and the self, and what desires actually are. Our hope is that this diversity of questions, ideas and approaches should provoke some interesting discussions, and provide an opportunity for different but related projects to inform and influence each other.

Dr Kate Devlin (Goldsmiths) Techno-lust: Engineering the Heart’s Desire [19 November] IMG_2041

Dr Maria Alvarez (King’s College London) Desires, Dispositions & the Explanation of Action [3 March]image

Dr Ulrike Heuer (University of Leeds) Desires, Intentions, Reasons [7 April]

Dr Yonatan Shemmer (University of Sheffield) The Object of Trust [21 April]

Dr Amber Carpenter (The University of York) Desire, the Self and the Good [12 May]

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