2017 – 2018: Imagination and Intuition

There are interesting philosophical debates about the role of imagination and intuition in evaluative judgement, ethical and aesthetic sensitivity or appreciation, learning, prediction, mind reading and understanding others in a broader sense. There are deep questions surrounding the epistemological status of imagination and intuition, as well as their relationship to perception, sensation, mental imagery, emotion and reason — to mention just a few. And then there are areas in aesthetics, ethics, metaphysics and philosophy of mind in which imagination and intuition are not the subjects, but nevertheless play a clear role. Our hope is that this diversity of questions, ideas and approaches should provoke some interesting discussions.

Preliminary details about the series are listed below. Additional lectures/dates may yet be added. Please bookmark this page and check back for further updates over the coming months.

Upcoming Lectures

7 November – Dr Peter Fossey (Philosophy, St Mary’s University) Imagination as a Guide to Reality

21 November – Dr. Karen Simecek (Philosophy, University of Warwick) Thinking Philosophically: Cognitive Benefits of Engaging with Art and Literature

IMG_345016 February – Dr. Helen de Cruz (Philosophy, Oxford Brookes University) Filling the Gaps in Evolutionary Ethics


27 February – Dr. Mike Stuart (Philosophy, London School of Economics) How Scientists Use Imagination to Learn about the World


20 March – Prof. Peter Lamarque (University of York) Truth in Poetry: a Matter of Detail

17 May – Prof. Beverley Clack (Oxford Brookes) – Wisdom, Friendship and the Practice of Philosophy